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General Information

Community Noticeboard - for notification of community events.

Commercial Marketplace - for Strathmore businesses to advise of their specials. I suggest placing the name of business into the Description box, along with the other details of the offer.

Community Marketplace - for members of Strathmore Community to sell items.


Do not place a $ sign in the "Price" box.

If you are posting a notice (for a free event) on the Community Noticeboard leave the "Price" blank.



A photo is optional but recommended


Add new photo

Listing Location


Address details put here will be published. Leave blank if you don't want this.


Publisher's information

Press button to post notice. If you find an error in published notice you will recieve an email with a link that will allow you to edit the notice.

The email will also provide a link that will delete the posting.

Posting will be deleted automatically after 31 days.


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